Brick slips

Designed to create a traditional brickwork finish without the hassle and expense of actual bricklaying, brick slips are the ideal solution for buildings in planning-sensitive and conservation areas.

Offering a wide range of benefits, our realistic-looking slips are made from acrylic render, and offer excellent thermal insulation, as well as being lightweight, crack-free and cement-free.

Much more than just a cost-saving solution

Sometimes considered simply to be a cheaper or quicker option than actual brickwork, brick slips are in fact a highly-engineered product that can seriously improve the lifespan of your building. With a wide range of desirable benefits, brick slips offer exceptional value for money, as well as a professional and trustworthy finish.

Benefits include:

  • ✓ Natural character
  • ✓ Wide range of colour choices
  • ✓ Maintenance-free
  • ✓ Thermal insulation and lower heating bills
  • ✓ Suitable for external or internal use
  • ✓ Weather-resistant
  • ✓ Fade-resistant
  • ✓ Easy to clean

A perfect match every time

With not only a wide range of colours and sizes available, we also offer a choice of 6 colours for the adhesive and joint mortar, ensuring a facade that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Highly-recommended by our clients

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