Rainscreen cladding

As fully-qualified and highly-experienced fitters of rainscreen cladding, we're perfectly-placed to advise and work on buildings of all sizes and in all situations.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect when you install rain screen panels:

  • ✓ 100% weather-resistant
  • ✓ Light-fast and resistant to vandalism
  • ✓ Flat and lightweight
  • ✓ Pore-free and resistant to accumulation of dirt
  • ✓ Low-maintenance
  • ✓ Guaranteed for 10 years

Strength, safety and speed

Compared to many other facades, rainscreen cladding is very quick to install, and requires no over-painting or drying time. This is great for keeping costs down and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Certified to ISO 14001 standard, the panels we use are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years, and offer exceptional stability and workability – comparable to that of hardwood. Built with safety in mind, they won't melt, drip or explode in the event of a fire.

An eco-friendly choice

Rainscreen cladding also offers excellent insulation properties. When you install cladding on your building, you'll notice a reduction in heat loss during winter, and heat gain in the summer because it practically eliminates thermal bridging. You'll also minimise condensation, and preserve the structural integrity of your building.

How does it work?

Carefully-designed ventilated cavities use the effects of air pressure to create an 'air cushion' that blocks water from entering the panel, while allowing air to circulate freely. Any water that should penetrate the outer face is directed away from the building, ensuring it always remains dry.

Other variations in panel design allow water to freely enter the joints between the panels during severe weather, before directing it away from the building walls, or allowing it to evaporate.

We're your local experts

Having your rainscreen cladding installed by experienced professionals is very important. Incorrect installation can lead to water penetration and loss of insulation benefits, so it's important to find a company with a good reputation and a commitment to the highest standards.

We're confident we can match, if not beat any other contractor in Essex when it comes to quality of work, cost and time-management. Call us today on 01268 527884.