With a huge selection of textures and grain sizes, and hundreds of colours, our synthetic renders create an attractive, through-coloured and long-lasting finish. With no over-painting required, you may find that you save money, not to mention time.

A product to suit all conditions

With a wide range of rending products available for all building types, climates and requirements, we're highly-skilled renderers with a commitment to the very best customer service. In fact, it's our mission to become the leading rendering contractors in Essex.

These are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy:

  • ✓ A cost-effective solution, even for smaller projects and budgets
  • ✓ No over-painting required
  • ✓ Can be applied even in winter (in temperatures over 1°C)
  • ✓ Incredibly strong and crack-resistant

For commercial and domestic clients

While most of our work comes from larger commercial building projects, we're also active in the domestic market, particularly in the field of insulated render. As of October 2012, a new government scheme called the Green Deal offers home-owners a strong incentive to install insulated render on their external walls. The costs are covered by a low-interest loan which you repay through your normal energy bills. The costs of repayments will be lower than the savings you'll make from the insulation, so it feels like you're getting your home improvements for free. Plus, when the time comes to sell, you'll benefit from a higher value home.

Here are some more reasons why clients choose our rendering products:

  • ✓ Increased protection against damp and mould growth
  • ✓ Reduce energy bills by up to 40% when you choose insulated render
  • ✓ Weatherproof
  • ✓ High performance
  • ✓ Maintenance-free

Trusted and friendly experts

There are a lot of contractors offering rendering services, but we're confident that we have the perfect mix of skill, knowledge, professionalism and drive to offer you an unbeatable service at a very competitive price.

Call us to discuss your project or to ask for a quote on 01268 527884.